Someone whose Style is extremely on fleek, to the point that he/she becomes the eyecatcher at every party.
A: Did you noticed that sexy Boy over there?
B: How could I not, he's swervy!
by callMeJoe June 22, 2016
A modern affliction that affects users of alcohol and other recreational drugs.
I feel mad swervy after all them beers.
by ***** ******* December 5, 2006
Strange perverts who ogle more than one victim at once. Usually found on buses during school runs, and One Direction concerts.
"That Pervy Swervy cunt is gonna get it!!!"
by dannyCOcrane December 11, 2012
A person who swerves away from doing difficult tasks.
Neil , stop being a swervy mcswerverson and get those jobs done.
by Swervys-mate March 10, 2016
A common slang term hydrocodone, often used as a code word during times where secrecy is of upmost importance.
hydro drugs lean pain killers fucked up
"Yo dawg, hit me with a lil swervy before class"-Nigah Z

"nigah i got you, we gettin fucked up"- Nigah D
by THE lil swervy May 14, 2012