A band that is more than a band, but a social club. Its frontmen are Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, and Boots Riley, rapper of The Coup. They mix the styles of The Coup, Rage, and Audioslave. Their hits include "Promenade", "Clap for the Killers", and "The New Fuck You."
SSSC, or Street Sweeper Social Club to you Club newbies, is amazing.
by TheHurtado4 November 12, 2010
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Any kind of pistol, usually referring to the ones used by gangsters.
The cops came around so I had to hide the street sweeper.
by xlae-x March 25, 2003
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Bill: "I told your Mom last night that you weren't at the movies but that you were at that drug infested party!"
John: "Uh! You are such a hoo hoo sweeper"
by Patrick S April 5, 2006
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An Baton Rouge street sweeper is the neighborhood "girlfriend" or prostitute who strives to keep her territory clean during "business hours". She dose so by sweeping and picking up garbage in the area.
Hey your girl is waiting out there for you...
Naa thats just the baton rouge street sweeper cleaning up the side walk
by Shawnhilliary@gmail.com January 28, 2016
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A common term used by competitive Pokémon players to refer to pokémon that have high Attack and Special Attack, hence "mixed".
Salamence is an amazing Mixed Sweeper!
by Aaron_ June 28, 2018
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A term to describe a type of shit that is so wet it takes almost the entire roll of toilet paper to clean up yourself. Usually followed by a skid mark or safety wipe
Guy: "I gotta change my underwear soon, I had a mud-sweeper earlier"

Guy #2: "Make sure you do a safety wipe afterwards"
by becauseimapotato May 3, 2016
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It's a fucking rake Jason. You want a fucking rake.
Anyone have one of those things to sweep the lawn and get rid of my leaves like a lawn sweeper or something ?
by Divamergency April 19, 2016
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