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international word used for describing kind, short, japanese, filipino girls with long hair.

japanese for elegant child
that girl is so Reiko
by reiks October 13, 2005
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Reiko is a short, Japanese individual.She is a good friend and she will let you down once in a while. Don't trust a Reiko she is vicious and most likely armed. She has the horrific disposition to be violently sarcastic and extremely protective of her art supplies. If you so happen to come across a Reiko you must be very wary because she will use many forms of trickery and manipulation.
"OMG who is that? She is crazy, she must be a Reiko."
by violet.elizabeth November 10, 2016
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Canceling plans with a group of friends to do the exact same thing with a different group of friends.
She totally pulled a Reiko on us last night -- she went barhopping downtown with those hesher guys after she said she was busy.
by antipode August 17, 2011
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Any depressed male/female anime character with white hair, and a strange 'uncurable' disease.
Man, Jushiro Ukitake is being one big Reiko when he coughs up all that blood.
by Mikau Onikino June 11, 2010
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