An antartic chimney sweeper is when you slit a girls throat and fuck her throat. Now with your free hand reach over and finger her in the butt.
I met this dirty girl at a bar last night that thought she was kinky...well when I broke out the antartic chimney sweeper she realized that she didn't have shit on me. She died shortly thereafter from a dick to the throat.
by FSU Dork October 23, 2008
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sometimes used in conjunction with the Cleveland steamer, it means to defecate on a female's chest and then "titty fuck her". deriving from the term Cleveland steamer using Ohio cities and large manned equipment.
After giving her a cleveland steamer I decided to "go all out" and give her the cinncinati street sweeper.

After we did the cinncinati street sweeper we took a shower
by hopefullbasted January 14, 2008
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A shotgun - generally, a short-barreled shotgun loaded with powerful OO-buckshot shells.
"We were just walking down the street when a bunch of gangsters making threats suddenly started to charge at us! Then my bro' pulled out a 'Detroit Street Sweeper'' hanging from a shoulder sling under his trench coat and he cleared the street with a couple of squeezes of the trigger!"
by X115 February 16, 2016
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The act of using your beard to clean off your lady friends back before ejaculating on it, in effect "sweeping the street"
Bob: Ufda....So you went on a date with my sister last night....
Darrell: Don't worry, I was a total gentleman. I gave her the Minnesota Street Sweeper before I finished don't cha know....
by BeardedAsshole October 12, 2018
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An anime from the early 1990's about an exorcist named Reiko Mikami and her assistant Tadao Yokoshima and there adventures "Ghost Sweeping." The plot reminds me alot of Ghostbusters (hell I wouldn't be suprised if they were inspired by that movie.) Anyway, it is pretty cool but fairly unknown these days (especially here in the US) and no English dub was ever made for it besides the movie. I recommend this as it is pretty creative and funny and I hope they make a dub someday (I can only read the manga to know what's going on.) I do believe this series was pretty popular up to a point in Latin speaking areas.
Ghost sweeper mikami = Ghostbusters with a twist and in anime form
by supercool126 October 9, 2010
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When your friend ejaculates on his female counterparts torso, and then a second party enters and unknowingly kisses the torso of the same female. Thus resulting in the first male's semen in the second's mouth.
Man, Russell was a Late Night Street Sweeper last night with Jim and Alice.
by #TrapHouse/Everything November 7, 2014
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a sex act where you jizz on your partners face and then proceeds to clean it off with your ball sack.
Dude #1 "What did you and Stacey do last night?"
Dude #2 "Dude, I gave her a Salt Lake Street Sweeper. That bitch loved it!"
Dude #1 "Sick dude."
by V0!D May 12, 2020
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