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One who spits saliva while talking and becomes aggressive after consuming a large intake of alcohol, generally watching football matches. Loves an alcohol fuelled fight (men or women included).
John - I got barred last night from my local public house while watching the football!!!
Dave - Why? What did you do?
John - I did a "sweeny"!
Dave - You clown! How long are you barred for?
John - For life!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
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When a male gets hit so hard in the testicles by someone else's hand that they are in pain for next few days.
Man 1: *Slaps man 2*
Man 2: *Delivers sweeny to man 1*
Man 1: *dies*
Man 2: "rofl pwned!:
by Assassin Mr X November 18, 2007
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A tiny town in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, where everybody knows everybody and word spreads fast, so pretty much don't do any stupid shit unless you want to be known as the person that did whatever stupid thing you did
Me and all my buddy's are gonna hang out at my place in Sweeny.
by February 18, 2019
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Usually attractive tall and nice when you first met but later turns into someone you wish you never met
Usually known as Sweeny the nasty ass wipe
by Chitalover1914 July 23, 2016
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