What happens when a person gets too hot, as in, sweating due to the atmospheric temperature or from exercising.
P1: "What're you doing tonight?"
P2: "I'm going to get me a sweat on."
by =^_^= MR30W =^_^= July 11, 2008
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Another word for a Try-Hard.

Sweats constantly try to excel past their expectations, when in reality they always fall short. They constantly fail at achieving their goals to the point that they're sweaty and angry. That's why they're called sweats.
Person 2: Calm down, dude. Quit being such a fucking sweat. Maybe you're just not that good at the game.
by Irrelevant Person March 30, 2019
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Calling, following, and/or obsessing over a person
Damn stop calling him every five minutes. Boys don't like it when you sweat them.
by Marquita L. June 2, 2005
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To sweat on something, esp. in terms of games, can be to play it extensively and tryhard, usually ending up with them getting to things like high levels in a short time.
Did you hear about Matt? He sweated on that Call of Duty game that came out yesterday; he's already level 30!
by SomeEpicDude December 22, 2013
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someone who is a tryhard, usually at video games, and plays purely for competitive purposes and skips the fun
Person 1 : "AYYY... I cranked my 90s and destroyed that kid!

Person 2 : "You're a fucking sweat!"
by hypertardy December 26, 2020
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Someone who does something 24/7 usually play a video game to get better and better, to become a Tryhard. They do not need to take showers because they use their own sweat to continue to play. Symtoms of a sweat are: Wiping your sweat off your forehead or arm pits while playing, not moving from your chair in 10 hours of playing, drinking a ton of energy drinks so you don't sleep, still be a virgin at age 30, rage over stupid mistakes YOU MAKE, accuse others who are better than you to be hacking or cheating, and having too skinny or too fat arms or body . A sweat is almost always a 10-16 year try hard
Normal Gamer: Yo this game is fun, I actually am enjoying this game. Dang I just lost, but at least it was a good match
A Sweat: BRO WTF COME ON THIS GAME IS SO BROKEN I WAS SHOOTING HIM IN THE HEAD, IM DONE WITH THIS GAME! (Proceeds to play another match) Yea this game is soooo much fun, (Presses buttons really quickly, Sweat trickles down from forehead) YES YES I HIT THOSE, CLIP IT CLIP ITTTTTTT!!!!
by KingtoaGod March 11, 2019
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The state of being incredibly angered
Bro you're so sweated right now, your mad is off the charts
by The Everliving October 22, 2012
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