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New Zealand slang. Abbreviation of the term sweet as. Used often in text messaging and by lazy people that can't be bothered forming two seperate words.
Want to come to a party saturday night?

Swaz - what time?
by dodgyjanet December 17, 2004
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'Swag' is yesterday's news. Swaz is the new shit, and means so much more then lame "swag" ever will. Swaz can replace literally any word in a sentence, because Swaz means any and everything. When typing Swaz, use a hashtag to look even cooler. #SWAZ. Feel free to use it over and over as one word as well. i.e. SWAZSWAZSWAZ.

watch this combo: #SWAZSWAZSWAZ

"What the Swaz are you doing?"

"OMG that is so Swaz!"

"Dude, that guy is such a Swazaholic."

"BRB? (be right back) I don't think so... BRS."
by Swaz Nasty December 04, 2011
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An applied ideological attitude. The root of the optimistic 'Swaz-Outcome' based approach to life.
My life's been swazaz lately, ever since living and embracing the Swaz it's bin nothin but Swaz Outcomes on repeat all channels all day. S-s-s-Swaz!
by Y_Knot August 12, 2009
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if you are "swaz", you're the bees knees, you are the "it" girl, everyone wants to be you or be with you, you're awesome!
damn that's swaz
that girl should be called swaz bear cos she's got bare swaz!
by swaz bear December 03, 2017
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1. The excessive sweat dripping down your ass.
2. The reason your shorts are wet and you didn't piss yourself.
3. Humidity in Wisconsin attacking the ass region.
My swaz was so bad I had to go camando to breeze my asshole.

The humidity in Wisconsin was so bad that my swaz felt like a butt faucet.
by Shanita Browneye July 26, 2010
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Half Swag Half Pizzaz ...Swaz
I feel proper Swaz today. I'm rockin the Swaz
by deepgoat5 July 03, 2016
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Sweat from the nut-sack.
Swaz drips from one's nut-sack after a game of b-ball.
by mac_munch November 14, 2003
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