a sleazy, sneaky, sweaty, unscrupulous person.
He was so swarmy that she wanted to take a bath after meeting him.
by nosnits May 12, 2005
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A colorful, versatile word used frequently within the traditional pirate dialect. It carries multiple meanings depending on context and emotion of speaker. At the very worst, it would describe a low-down, scallywag (which is a bad person; a scoundrel.) Midtone use would be to flavor a noun with the connotation of bothersome, or lowly, or rather dirty. But very frequently, it is used as a term of endearment between pirates as a way to express solidarity (and bromance) without sounding gay about it. By calling one's crew a swarmy bunch, or something to that effect, implies an acceptance, a connection with them, validating their common solidarity. Of course, if the same thing is said in anger, it implies the opposite.
Swarmy is similar to a 5 letter word used quite commonly in the USA which starts with N, has 2 Gs in it, and ends in A, in that it is also exceptionally versatile depending upon context.
Swarmy may also be used very similarly to how the Brits use the versatile term "bloody." In fact, it may be worthwhile to research a possible morphism between the two.
At it's worst:
"Take that swarmy bastard beneath deck! He will feel my sword for pilfering my doubloons before I keelhaul the Son of a Bisquit Eater!"
(This amounts to a death sentence.)

"Must I mop the swarmy deck again, Captain? I've mopped it twice today already!"
"That's a swarmy lot in the pub. Take heed not to cross them."
"Don't be a swarmy peg! We agreed to split the treasure 50/50."
"Is it my turn to be in the swarmy barrel already? May I pass, Mateys? My rump is still sore!"

At it's best:
"Here's a toast to the swarmiest pack of skallywags on the high seas!"
"I've a ship of swarmy men, and today is glorious!"
"There is nothing I'd not do for the swarmy pack of dogs I call my crew." *
* Notice how the manly professing of love is disguised in absurdly harsh descriptive words. Pirates never say, "Matey! I love you!" That just doesn't happen. So you must consider the context and manner of speech to interpret the meaning.
by SmooveTipp November 3, 2009
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Swarmy is a conflation of the words "swarthy" and "smarmy". Originally intended to be an insulting term referring to an unsavoury person with a shallow personality and a less-than-appealing set of grooming and dress habits.
Oh! That guy in the bar last night gave me the creeps! He was so swarmy!
by Thes007 November 30, 2009
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- A shifty, rascally, aquatic fellow
- A fishy, unsavory place
- mucky waters
That high diver seems a bit swarmy.

Don't rent scuba gear from that swarmy place.
by LizziBett January 7, 2017
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Calvin Cloud's internet alias. He is the Lord, our God sent to pwn fucking noobs on the internet.

He also happens to have a hot asian girlfriend in real life, who lives 2 blocks away from him, but is currently banned due to the fact he called her house at night.
by Jesus!!!!!111 April 12, 2005
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Swarmy means...: The cool person who lives somewhere in the U.S. and has a asian girl friend, who gives him head, but got banned from her house, because he kept making prank phone calls.
Nerd: Dude, you're a f**king Swarmy
Guy: Yah, well tnkz dawg roefl u pwn liek no tomrow
by Takeoreofl April 12, 2005
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Person who is ignorant of the English language misspelling of word SMARMY, which means highly self-satisfied.
Erin was uneducated and didn't read so she thought there was an actual word called SWARMY.
by gruntalicious May 13, 2008
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