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Doing whatever a woman wants and tells you to to try to get laid. Being pussywhipped and being a chick's slave. See "gentleman" and "real man".
John thinks spending lots of money on his girl and doing what she tells him is chivalry. Even though she thinks she's equal she wants none of the responsibilities of being an adult. His balls are in his purse and she doesn't respect him.
by gruntalicious May 13, 2008

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Term used by greedy women looking for a sugar daddy.
A guy that spends a lot of money on a money grubbing gold digging woman. A guy that takes a dinner whore to expensive fine dining restaurants. A man that buys drinks for a woman and all her friends. A real man is one that dumps any chick that uses the term "real man" or "gentleman".
"I want a REAL MAN who knows how to treat his woman right"
by gruntalicious April 29, 2008

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Person who is ignorant of the English language misspelling of word SMARMY, which means highly self-satisfied.
Erin was uneducated and didn't read so she thought there was an actual word called SWARMY.
by gruntalicious May 13, 2008

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A man that does whatever a woman wants to gain affection and because he has no self esteem or backbone. A doormat. A pussywhipped loser with no game. A word for a guy that women can manipulate and use. A sugardaddy. The opposite of bad boy.
Mike considers himself a gentleman. He believes in the double standard that women are equal to men in every way except when it comes to paying bills, opening their own doors and being treated like spoiled princesses.

Cathy wants all of the rights and none of the responsibilities of being an adult. She wants to make as much as a man and spend none of it. She wants a gentleman, a "real man" to "treat her right", like a "lady".
by gruntalicious May 04, 2008

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