A pretty shitty town north of Boston and south of Greenland. Located in Massachusetts, its where high schoolers complain about having nothing to do. On weekends, teenagers will either get stoned, drunk, or bitch about not being able to get stoned or drunk. Swampscott incorporates the preps of Marblehead with the gangbangers of Lynn, making one of the largest preppiest towns who wish they were black, and that's not saying much, seeing as the town is about three square miles long. Not a bad music scene, actually, as many decent bands form here, and band shows are always fun. Opinions on the school system vary, the education is good, as most kids go off to college, but the administration are a bunch of fucking idiots who don't know a good idea from a horses' left testicle. There is no crime here whatsoever, because of this, the police spend most of their time watching 'Fred' videos on Youtube and pissing off French nationalists. Overall, it's a not a good place to be. But you could be stuck somewhere worse.
Here's an impression of someone who just found out that they're gonna be stuck in Swampscott their entire life.

by marbleheadblowstoo May 2, 2011
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Beautiful beach town located just north of Boston. Peaceful suburb but still has a lot of fun. Most high schoolers in Swampscott get high on the weekdays and drunk on the weekends. Has an unusually attractive population, a 10 to you, is like a 6-7 in "The Swamp"(Swampscott) People who live here, love it here, and hold a lot of pride for the hidden gem. Only downside to Swampscott is that it's right next to a giant dump, that most people call "Marblehead." #rollswamp
1: yo did you do anything this weekend?

2: yeah I went to this party in Swampscott

1: I bet it sucked lol

2: actually Swampscott parties are always ragers. You wouldn't expect it, but yeah it was a RIP

1: huh, I always knew there was more to Swampscott than an ocean view and an incredible education system
by Csg1221 November 17, 2016
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A town founded for the sole reason of losing to Marblehead at every sport.
Guy 1: Didn't Swampscott win hockey state champs?
Guy 2: No that was Marblehead.
Guy 1: My bad i forgot Swampscott sucked so bad.
by m-head123 April 26, 2011
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A small town in Massachusetts located right on the beach.
We're cool, we're from Swampscott.
by coolpeople_yeah September 22, 2006
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When you jizz in or around a girls asshole. Once ejaculation is complete, you mash your face into the puddle of jizz resting in her asshole. After which, she licks it off your face.
Anthony Michael Hall totally gave Anna Molly a Swampscott last night.
by WiiJay January 25, 2007
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a town that mostly produces teenagers with major drug problems because there is absolutely NOTHING TO DO. It's a small waterfront town in Massachusetts. Everyone fakes a Boston accent and buys their kids brand new Audis. About 76% of the people are extremely good looking.
Marblehead Kid: "Swampscott Sucks!"
Swampscott Kid: "And you swallow."
by homeboyalk March 8, 2019
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A small town in Eastern Massachusetts where half the teenage population is privileged Jewish white kids who wear Vineyard Vines and Patagonia, and the other half is a mix of stoners, alcoholics, and kids who have nothing better to do than sit around and complain about how there's nothing to do. The High School is absolute dog shit where the teachers constantly have foot-long dicks up their asses, making the place a living hell. The sports teams are shit and we lose to Marblehead Football every year. We don't even have a mascot. What the fuck is a Big Blue. Kids around here know how to throw down though, the rips are highkey the place to be. The cops around town are complete pigs and will take every opportunity to bag someone because NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS HERE. Every girl who lives here will claim to have an "iced coffee addiction," and every guy will try to flex on how much bud they smoke or to what extent they've destroyed their fucking liver. Drug deals happen at Gulf. All the school daces are grind-fests. Kids will get together to literally just drive around to other small towns in the area and do literally nothing. No one fucking likes it here so we all pretty much spend most of our time in Nahant. Basically a small town in the middle of preppy, annoying Marblehead pussies and gang banging, voilent Lynn kids, so everyone here is some type of weird. Also we like putting babies in fridges. Roll Swamp.
Faggot 1: Where are you from?
Faggot 2: Swampscott.
Faggot 1: lmfao ew
by fuckmarblehead April 10, 2019
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