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A pretty shitty town north of Boston and south of Greenland. Located in Massachusetts, its where high schoolers complain about having nothing to do. On weekends, teenagers will either get stoned, drunk, or bitch about not being able to get stoned or drunk. Swampscott incorporates the preps of Marblehead with the gangbangers of Lynn, making one of the largest preppiest towns who wish they were black, and that's not saying much, seeing as the town is about three square miles long. Not a bad music scene, actually, as many decent bands form here, and band shows are always fun. Opinions on the school system vary, the education is good, as most kids go off to college, but the administration are a bunch of fucking idiots who don't know a good idea from a horses' left testicle. There is no crime here whatsoever, because of this, the police spend most of their time watching 'Fred' videos on Youtube and pissing off French nationalists. Overall, it's a not a good place to be. But you could be stuck somewhere worse.
Here's an impression of someone who just found out that they're gonna be stuck in Swampscott their entire life.

by marbleheadblowstoo May 01, 2011
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A town founded for the sole reason of losing to Marblehead at every sport.
Guy 1: Didn't Swampscott win hockey state champs?
Guy 2: No that was Marblehead.
Guy 1: My bad i forgot Swampscott sucked so bad.
by m-head123 April 26, 2011
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a town of approximately 3 square miles located about 15 miles north of boston. known for the invention of marshmellow fluff, regardless of what lynn says. the kids are known for either imitating the gangsters or preps of neighboring towns on either side of them. the town has 5 beaches, and during the summer you can find almost everyone you know at one of them. overall a great town, especially at high school sports, where the usually dominate their town rival, marblehead, in all the sports that matter (ie. football). you cant get much better than this.
Swampscott, home of the Big Blue, can't get any better.
by cant touch this November 12, 2007
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When you jizz in or around a girls asshole. Once ejaculation is complete, you mash your face into the puddle of jizz resting in her asshole. After which, she licks it off your face.
Anthony Michael Hall totally gave Anna Molly a Swampscott last night.
by WiiJay January 25, 2007
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Beautiful beach town located just north of Boston. Peaceful suburb but still has a lot of fun. Most high schoolers in Swampscott get high on the weekdays and drunk on the weekends. Has an unusually attractive population, a 10 to you, is like a 6-7 in "The Swamp"(Swampscott) People who live here, love it here, and hold a lot of pride for the hidden gem. Only downside to Swampscott is that it's right next to a giant dump, that most people call "Marblehead." #rollswamp
1: yo did you do anything this weekend?

2: yeah I went to this party in Swampscott

1: I bet it sucked lol

2: actually Swampscott parties are always ragers. You wouldn't expect it, but yeah it was a RIP

1: huh, I always knew there was more to Swampscott than an ocean view and an incredible education system
by Csg1221 November 17, 2016
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