a term people use when they are in a relationship normally when they are really in love
Keem: baby we finna be six months

Jenna: love it here
by forbidden fruit1 April 2, 2020
Modern phrase, meaning you’re thriving here, the vibes or people surrounding you are immaculate. You literally love it there. “There” doesn’t have to be a place and vice versa With the phrase “I hate it here
Oh my gosh these drinks are so good, “I love it here”

Wow these people are so nice, “I love it here”
by Supdawgooooo August 28, 2020
the cringe sentence that shows up when you open the online BBC account setting. It also features the lovely face of Sir David Attenborough
lovely to see you here
by OOGOFODJFPEWJ January 14, 2021