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Country Whore,Dirty slut, smut bucket, Favors A hood rat. You can find then in small country towns.

Usually used as a quick Lay, When everyone else your haveing sex with is unavaliable.. A Last Resort.
Ex: Man! My girl wont give me no ass, I guess il call up my swamp rat to suck me up real quick!

EX: Man, That bitch is straight from the swamps. She let me hit that shit in the backseat for $5.. Such A swamp rat.
by Boxchevyboy April 27, 2009
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A swamp rat is a name for a skinny little asain who is a snitch, or rat. Swamp rats don't shower, and they spend most of their time snitching on pure breds.
"Dude, Alex is such a swamp rat. He just ratted out Sean to the admins!"
by Mr. Nobody1000 February 26, 2009
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a derogatory term used for someone usually from Louisiana or Mississippi, similar to a Hillbilly or a Redneck but from a swampy region.
That swamp rat listens to nothing but Zydeco music.
by brucejones April 13, 2015
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A person male or female that is engaged in filthy, Redneck and sometimes even sexual activity with unknown people they have met, this has also been known to happen to close friends as well.
"Wow there goes that damn Sandy and Chris they are such Swamprats!!"
by the mayor_Buta May 21, 2012
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A rare species of rodent which is of unusually large size and found in West Philadelphia. They are often ignorantly misjudged to be a opossum. Fear not, these creatures are nothing more than a rare and placid animal.
"that's a damn big swamp rat"
"you must have never seen a swamp rat before, that's nothing more than a yearling"
"Shit, that's some fucked up shit."
by Nick Prestemon December 16, 2006
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1) A person who is undesirable or ugly. Usually used by teenagers to insult the opposite sex.

2)Usually people who are low lives. They don't have money.
Wow you really are getting bugged by that swamp rat John.

Yeah i know i don't like them but they keep talking to me.
by Chaka-Kan February 01, 2009
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A large city resident who, due to smog pollution and over population, has mutated into rat-like behavior. Characteristics include: erratic driving, minuet patience, extreme cynicism, narcissism, ultra materialism, competitive without competition and shallow friendliness.
When driving on the freeway in the Los Angeles area, you easily spot a swamp rat, he's the guy in the BMW swerving in and out of lanes, tail gating or waiting until the last possible moment to merge so that he can get a whopping ten feet further in stop and go traffic.
by Ryno white September 01, 2013
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