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Svenja is the name of a girl who performs in every way, academically, sexually , emotionally etcetera.

She is the light brown haired has green eyes and loves to attention. Svenja can not be satisfied in bed and always strives to make her partner feel good. She is a loving girl friend who is always there for you and will listen your problems first before telling you hers. Svenja has a mixture of weird and normal sense of humor and likes basic music. She believes in star signs intensely. Svenja is fiercely protective perhaps maybe a bit to much, but she stands her ground when anything that is hers is threatened. She loves passionately and she can have deep and meaningful conversations all night long. She doubts herself even though she doesnt have to. No matter how much you love her , she loves you more. Svenjas will always be kind and caring people and loves animals. She is a great girlfriend and should never be let go of. Never other wise you lose the best thing in your life.
Svenja is super smart
by Tokyomusa September 16, 2019
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Svenja is a name for a woman who sexually behaves like a man. Wants good sex, often and only for her plesure. Mans are only victims and stupid trophies in her fuck-history.
Probably Svenjas look so good that every man would die for at least just speaking with her.
Svenja: Wow, look at this man, i would hit id... hey buy me a drink!
Man: Oh my good. You look awsome. I cant close my mouse. My brain is blown away and i give you drinks which cost 100000000000$ in all.... here they are my queen.
Svenja: hm thanks.. รคhm how old are you?
Man: 22
Svenja: what? so young.. ok youre ugly so piss off.
by Nilsi Bilsi April 14, 2008
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