Southern part of the city of Surrey, the Province of British Columbia, Canada. People in south Surrey like to differentiate themselves from the rest of the residents in Surrey, and would like to think they were not criminals.

South Surrey is the most perverted neighborhood where old Asian RCMP polices abet in old Asian fathers sexually harassing Asian daughters, and then providing false police witness report to frame the daughters after the daughters called the police as victims.
South Surrey Asian Father touched his daughter: You like it hardcore.
South Surrey Asian Daughter: I am gonna report you to police if you raped me again!
South Surrey Asian Father: Funny little chick, you wanna get another framed police report again? Haha! I will let those old Asian police handle you if you don't do what I said. Now, suck my dick.
...The rape goes on...
by vancouver123 May 1, 2022
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On the daily you can walk out on the streets of surrey an out of no where hear yooooo crodieee, or as in many of the schools in surrey they are fllled with furries an fags,
"yooo cro its a fawkn furry", "tell 'em to come bear creek yeooo" surrey
by MICROPENIS MR.Johnstone March 31, 2022
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literally the worst, full of people who think they're cool but they just sound dumb for example Surrey jacks. Sucks to live there cuz people assume the worst of you.
John: "I'm from Surrey B.C. Yo"
Adam: "oh sorry to hear that bro."
John: " nah man its the shit yo"
Adam: *blocks John on all socials*
by fartsticks123 February 14, 2022
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You did you go to surrey central

Did you get the shit I asked for
Naw some dude took and and rode off in his mustang
by Stopairballing November 4, 2020
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A school in the lower mainland in the City of Surrey. Mostly filled with asians and has white girls that think they “all that” when really they are just privileged little girls that travel in groups and talks shit about eachother. NSSS is strong in the performing arts and has good teachers for the most part.
“Did you see those group of white girls with badly died hair?”
“Yeah, they must be from North Surrey Secondary”
by BoujeeBitty03 June 8, 2021
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