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Mass transit system of Metro Vancouver. It is cool as fuck because all 3 lines are fully automated. Place for dirty Tim Hortons cups to be thrown.
Visitor: Hey y’all, how do I ride the subway?

Vancouverite: SkyTrain. It’s called SkyTrain.
by WeedTree October 29, 2018
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Sapperton, just like Braid Station, is a SkyTrain station in Metro Vancouver. Also like Braid, it does not actually exist. There are no bus routes that terminate at Sapperton, which is further proof that it’s fake news. There are legends that the headquarters of the legendary Translink being located there, but no real proof has been found. Also, people say a pedestrian footbridge being the only way to access the station, rendering pedestrians on the road below the station unable to access it. Of course, there is no way that would be possible. Sorry, but Sapperton doesn’t exist. The Sappers were not here.
Announcement: This is an Expo Line train to: Production Way-University

Passenger 1: Does this train go to Sapperton Station?

Passenger 2: Sapperton does not exist.

Passenger 1: Oh.
by WeedTree October 30, 2018
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This SkyTrain station is sad and lonely. No one ever uses it. The only entrance to the station is on the north side of 108th Avenue, but there is an emergency exit on the south side, which for some reason has its gate unlocked all the time. Gateway to Hell.

What makes this station even more sad is that the surrounding area is like Yaletown but quiet and sad.
by WeedTree October 31, 2018
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Something that will not get Donald Trump out of office
Hatriot: Imprichment will not get Trump out of office!
David Pakman: I agree
by WeedTree September 9, 2019
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When you get jelly of tabby so you say "fuck you" because you are jelly
by WeedTree September 28, 2020
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Busiest SkyTrain station in Surrey. Many bus routes branch off from here. Located next to Simon Fraser University's Surrey campus and the Central City shopping centre.

Surrey Central is the station anti-SkyTrain people cite a lot. They claim that the shaded areas under the transit guideway is the reason for crime and drug use. What the fuck?
Surrey Central Station has a lot of drug and crime issues. Street level LRT will solve that!
by WeedTree October 31, 2018
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