Last ReTweet

Used on twitter to show your response to something you retweeted
by Brandon WW September 23, 2012
Go,Go,Go,Go,Go,Go, it's a LRT!
by JamesVandiver May 18, 2011
Light rail transport or transit or whatever...
Hey bitch, how u gonna get to the store?
STFU, I'm taking the LRT.
by Mishizzlemogizzle January 17, 2008
Locked ReTweet - Sharing something (hopefully with permission) a locked (private) account has said, manually.
LRT: "Some deep and insightful thing from a more private friend that deserves wider attention."
by c0d30rd13 November 24, 2021
Last Retweet commonly used on twitter
by JustIce1915 January 13, 2012