A sexual act involving a couple performing anal but with the man standing upright and the woman violently spinning on his dick.

Usually done in the city of Surrey.
I heard Tom gave her the dirty Surrey on their date.
Oh so that's why she's in the hospital.
by Rubanka July 30, 2017
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A term often used by students and those in university environments to describe young lads from obviously privileged middle and upper class upbringings who pretend to act like roadman because they think it's cool. Though originally used to describe students who behaved in such a way from well-off towns in Surrey, such as Guildford and Epsom, the term has since broadened to include almost anybody who acts in such a manner from rural counties known for their higher standards of living, such as Worcestershire, Cheshire and several others.

Surrey Boys are easily recognised from their dress senses, usually donning Stone Island jumpers, Nike 110 trainers and various other branded goods likely bought from JD using money from mummy and daddy's trustfund. They are also easily recognised by their speech, often talking in fake urban accents (usually London sounding ones practiced for hours on end in their bedrooms), throwing in incredibly forced amounts of slang as they do so.

In larger groups, Surrey Boys will tend to talk the hardest or about how much 'pussy' they get, yet when faced with actual threat or placed on their own, will brick it and and pray that their family butler Jeremy comes running to their aid.

Most other students, especially those from truly working class and rougher urban environments, easily see through the acts of Surrey Boys, and simply see them as a source of mockery, similar in act and appearance to Sacha Baron Cohen's famous character 'Ali G'.
I've been at uni here in Liverpool for six months and already ran into dozens of Surrey Boys. Should've figured, it being Russell Group and all...
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A girl who originates from a city in British Columbia, Canada. Girls from this area are well known for being skanky and slutty and sometimes both.
"Misty's a Surrey girl, she'll give it up to you for free".
by Mr. Moss October 20, 2006
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A girl who gives it up for free, very little, or a hit of anything.
See strawberry
Give a surrey girl a rock, she'll fuck you're whole damn crew
by surrey_girl November 17, 2004
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A female that is known for her promiscuity. Will have incourse and/or give oral sex at the drop of a hat, or sip of alcohol.
Damn dude, that Surrey Girl just blew me in the bathroom and I didn't even know her name.
by Jason Rebs August 7, 2005
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a surrey girl is someone who lives in surrey, bc. they are often found wearing clothing like phat farm, babyphat, and other played out brands. they often wear their air forces ones and walk around in little brown crews. ( there's one brown girls crew in every single grade ). surrey girls are often known to go to special occasions only to meet up with their dream boys ... surrey jacks. they almost always have names like happy, inder, or other names along those lines... but in reality their names are more like inderjeet and hajinderpreeetinderbinder.
" hey preet, check out that surrey girl "
by poopinderbinderjeet May 6, 2007
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A desolate wasteland on the face of British Columbia. It is full of drug dealers, gang members, and every low level criminal you can think of. When riding on the Skytrain to go to Coquitlam, you can even feel the filth and decay just by riding through.

This is a common and false perception of Surrey. It also has a lot of schools, is mostly dangerous at night, and has tons of tasty food.

Surrey at night is no more dangerous than any other part of Vancouver, as night time brings out the weirdos and shady people. Surrey is considered the Gotham City of Vancouver, but it is not as bad as people make it out to be.
Man: I live in Surrey, BC.
Woman: Oh my.
by surreyman82 February 25, 2011
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