the ugliest, grosest, il mannered, dumb, aussies. Surfies take up valuable space in the water
Surfies have there own unique language:
G'day mate wanna putta shrimp ona barbie
by Koukla January 02, 2006
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people who drive for 3 hours, surf for one hour, and drive another 3 hours home. They consider themselves very cool and often wear bordies and bright coloured beaters, t-shirts even when there not at the beach
Normal guy 1:Woah that guys a surfy!
Normal guy 2:What a fag
by BJ14 February 02, 2008
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To be wishy-washy, or sketch-like. When a person or situation seems mysterious, but in a situation that shouldn't be.
Dude that girl is so surfy, she never tells anyone where she goes.
by Term Creator March 02, 2014
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