TheRealPitbull: FUcc my definition for super straight got deleted!
Joe Biden: That’s a superphobic hate crime
by TheRealPitbull March 21, 2021
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The hatred of the made up sexuality from toxic men of Tiktok "super straight".
Superphobic people do not agree with the "super straights " as their "sexuality" was made to hide their transphobia.
Man:Hey bbg, I'm super straight house?
Women:No, I am superphobic. Get away from me you ugly Bastard.
by Facts.not.cap March 6, 2021
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Man, the boys is a very superphobic series, I'll better watch it again
by Pacomg25 July 9, 2022
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This is a term used to call out smart and attractive people who laugh at fake sexualities such as super straight. A superphobic person is guaranteed to be great person. Become one today!
Olivia: Hey Katie, I saw you posted that you are superphobic on social media. What is that the fear of superhero’s or something? haha

Kate: No superphobic is a word people call you when you decide not to mock the LGBTQ community with fake sexualities.

Olivia: Oh no I can’t believe people do that, they must be some real bitches
by Skydaddyofficial March 7, 2021
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The politically correct term to describe those who are not in support of SuperStraight, SuperGay, or SuperLesbian persons' identities. This is similar to Transphobic, or Homophobic. SuperStraight, SuperGay, and SuperLesbian pertain to those who are sexually attracted to biological sex and not gender identity. Those who are afraid, demeaning, discrediting, legitimizing, or intolerant of the -Super identities are Superphobic.
"He is only attracted to those who are biologically born female, and identifies as SuperStraight, if you do not support his identity, you are Superphobic."
by Social Equality For All March 8, 2021
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It’s like being homophobic to people who just prefer girls who where born with the XX chromosome.
Girl: Your so transphobic

Boy: No I’m Super Straight and your Superphobic
by SoLo Sauce March 5, 2021
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This goes against super straight people. Superphobic people believe super straights are disgusting ( i am apart of this movement )!
by Random American March 8, 2021
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