Being afraid is the state you are in after a terrorist attack. After a shooting in your school or people going in Charlie Hebdo to kill you because you speak your mind. Being afraid is when you jump when they are fireworks and no one told you. It's when you want to cry because a plate broke. It's when you don't want to go to school because you never know what could happen. It's when you run away from someone asking you the time when it's dark out. It's when you only cry at night because you're supposed to be okay since you're best friend or you mother or you brother died more than 2 years ago.
It's when you write it's definition in an online dictionary because you need at least one person to read it, to understand your pain. Because 6 years ago your neighbor killed a bunch of kids in a Jewish school. The same neighbor who told you "hi" every morning.
I am AFRAID to go to the grocery store.
It's like being afraid is normal.
by Just another French girl November 24, 2018