A gay furry.
The Super Straight flag, 🟧⬛️, comes from the colours of Grindr and Furaffinity.net, The black symbolises authoritative dominance, and the orange symbolises submissive excitment.
John: "Yo, are you sure you're Super Straight? I saw you retweeting gay furry porn on Twitter.
Kevin: "Didn't you know? Super Straight is just another way of saying you want a werewolf daddy to violently pound you into the bed while you scream for mercy at the top of your lungs, but mercy is never received, and you wake up the next day with a stomach-ache so bad that you have to be hospitalised for a week."
by BigTransDaddy May 10, 2023
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A fake sexuality that most likely originated on Tik Tok, but there is also evidence it started on 4chan as a plot to create a divide in the LGBT community. The sexuality means the person is only attracted to people who are not transgender. For example a man that identifies as super straight may not like trans girls. The "SuperStraight pride flag" is black on the left and orange on the right.

The reason why trans people are so upset about this is because the sexuality implies trans women aren't real women, and same for trans men. A common misconception is that all trans people think you're transphobic if you won't have intercourse with a trans person. In reality, most transgender people don't mind if you only like girls with pussy or something, it's called a genital preference. They just get upset when you call it a sexuality. It's okay to have preferences, and it's okay to not date a trans person who likes you.

A bigger reason why the LGBT community hates the superstraight "movement" so much is because they mock the LGBT community. They do things like call people bigots for not accepting their sexual identity, act discriminated and other things that LGBT people are notorious for but worse. But being straight is perfectly legal and tolerated by everyone, being gay or trans will get you the death penalty in some countries. That's why we don't need straight people in the LGBT community. It was made for genuinely oppressed minorities.
Guy 1: You're straight, right?
Guy 2: I'm super straight.
Guy 1: That means you wouldn't fuck a girl with a dick?
Guy 2: Yeah.
Guy 1: What about a trans girl who got a sex change?
Guy 2: No, I only like real girls.
Guy 1: Even a trans girl that looks and behaves exactly like a normal girl?
Guy 2: I'll only fuck someone if they were born with a pussy.
Average trans person overhearing this: *pain*
by Zergur Vorghiz March 18, 2021
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The preference of not dating an mtf or ftm transgender individual, typically on the grounds of wanting children or transphobia. It is often confused with being a sexuality and part of LGBTQIA+ when it is not.
Person 1: My preference is to be in a relationship with a person I can start a family with

Person 2: So your Super Straight?

Person 1: That term would suit me but I personally don't think it needs a pride flag or a name.

Person 3: I am super straight because gender is assigned at birth

Person 1: stfu

Person 2: stfu
by amogus is sus March 15, 2021
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Super Straight is meaning :
wanting to have hardcore anal gay sex to post on PornHub
Person 1 : I'm Super Straight !!
Person 2 : Yeah , wanna fuck ??
by ze-0 March 10, 2021
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A man or woman who claims to only be attracted to someone who’s biologicaly the opposite sex, but is really a homosexual with a major bondage kink
Hey bro I heard you were straight right?

Nah bro I’m super straight ;)

Ooooh okay I’ll get the rope ;)
by Super Straight-phobic March 7, 2021
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A self-employed term used by individuals who have never felt the loving touch of another individual.
by Soupy McSoupbowl March 8, 2021
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One who is attracted to the opposite biological sex

Male (XY) attracted to Female (XX)
Female (XX) attracted to Male (XY)
Jeff: Hey, do you like girls

Alex: Yes

Jeff: What about trans girls

Alex: I am only attracted to Women who are born with XX chromosomes and who I am physically, sexually, emotionally, or aesthetically attracted to.

Jeff: Isn’t that transphobic?

Alex: No, I have no problem with Trans people, I just identify as super straight and am only attracted to people born as the opposite sex.
by Normal5728 March 5, 2021
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