A condition where couples literally can't stop spending all their time together and consistently skank their friends off over a given period of time.
Joe: Hey Frank, what do you think Marseille is up to tonight? Do you think he's game for drinks down the White Horse?

Frank: Dunno man, but that kids got some serious superglue issues...
by cookoomashu October 14, 2010
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A woman's coochie that is so tight that when a man enters his male genitalia into it, it cannot be pulled out. It becomes stuck to the walls of the woman's vagina, and 100% chance of ejaculation occurs, due to the extreme sexual sensation to the penis. Therefore, a woman with such a cooch is deemed in possession of a superglue sally.
guy #1: yo, why you in the hospital?
guy #2: I had sex with a superglue sally last night. That thing almost took off my entire penis.
by ilovecottoncandy May 04, 2020
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Redneck superglue is a nickname for duct tape. Which is often used to temporarily fix broken items around the house quickly, and cheaply, just long enough for professional help arrives to properly fix the problem.
Kevin: Hey man the pipe in my kitchen sink just sprung a leak, what should I do?

Bob: Wrap it in some Redneck Superglue, then call a plumber.
by Mr. Cannonball Jones September 08, 2011
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Duct tape, or more specifically the old tale that duct tape fixes everything, and is used by those born into a rural background instead of using the proper tools to fix car engines, computer parts, chairs, etc. but is only used a short -term solution until the right materials can found.
John: Hey Beals my car broke down I think the engine blew a valve. Got some Redneck Superglue?

Beals: yeah but remember Redneck Superglue is just a quick fix, you should still see a mechanic
by mr. cannonball walter May 24, 2011
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When a man ejaculates while yodeling, between the breasts of a female and pushed the breasts together causing them to stick to one another
Klaus and Rebecca used the European Superglue last night.
by Firecracker Glen May 30, 2021
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