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The feeling you have after a long week of work followed by a Saturday full of binge drinking, when Sunday hits you question your entire existence. Typically characterized by laying in bed all day and both regretting past decisions and questioning your seemingly non-existent future. Thoughts like "I"m going to die alone" and "Will I ever get a job that I actually enjoy?" consume you for the entire day while you're battling a hangover.
Wow I haven't seen Chad all day! He must have a bad case of the Sunday Scaries
by swaggerkitten101 February 12, 2017
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The feeling of dread knowing that Monday is going to be rough.
I'm suffering from Sunday scaries!
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by Mr. Robotron April 02, 2019
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The dreadfull feeling on a sunday morning after a long hard week of boozing..Regret,the shakes,having no money left in your wallet and spending the day hugging the porcelin throne are all common symptoms..
I have been on a five day binge and I woke up with the sunday scaries..
by Herbieflyfly... February 22, 2009
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the anxiety ridden tidal wave of racing thoughts you get after a raging bout of binge drinking...replete with thoughts of "I'm an idiot", "I will never drink again", "grandiose thoughts of professional development", and time spent on changing your life...only to have thoughts subside and you repeat the process again
during my weekly bout with the sunday scaries I emailed the admissions office for grad school, applied for that management position, and made plans to save money...its a new me!!!
by ASmithee September 03, 2018
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A feeling that a person gets especially on Sunday night knowing that work is going to be horrid.
Sunday scaries are worse for people who are not used to a demanding job.
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when you wake up next to someone scary after a night of drinking #regrets
when you realize the girl from last night doesn't look like she did last night... talk about sunday scaries
by 3454 March 26, 2017
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