When someone has a lot of missing teeth.
Mannn, that dude has summer teeth!
What do you mean?
Summer here, summer there...
by BeckPot March 19, 2012
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One person that is missing teeth either by extraction or rotten from poor hygiene.
Hey Joe look across the bar, man that bitch has summer teeth!

What's Summer Teeth? Sum are there and some are not!
by Dick Mc. May 07, 2008
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Used to describe sombody who is missing some of their teeth, because Summer there and Summer not!
by Kernelpickle April 24, 2004
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A dental condition where some teeth are there and some are not.
If your lucky the bitch will be missing the upper and lower front row of teeth. If you find a hottie with this condition I would highly suggest marrying her, or at least take her on a date and eat whole tomatoes. It does not have to be warm outside to enjoy summer teeth.
by JacHama September 03, 2005
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Used to describe a girl who is pretty but void of a full set of teeth, causing unsightly gaps between exsisting teeth.
Bob: "Yea dude, she was hot, but she had Summer Teeth."
Joe: "Summer Teeth?"
Bob: "Yea, some her teeth were here, some her teeth were there..."
by insert fake name here37 February 16, 2010
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Summer everywhere!

If you don't hold onto your paddle when you go white water rafting, you might get a nasty case of summer teeth. Summer in the boat, summer in the water, and summer in your mouth.
A: Jesus, that hurt!
B: Wow, looks like you have a case of summer teeth!
A: Wtf is that
B: Oh you know, summer in the boat, summer over there, summer in the water
A: ...
by Slipy August 25, 2010
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when a girl has messed up teeth
cus some of her teeth are there and others aren't
she's fine but she got summer teeth
by whitegold L.I.N.Y May 11, 2003
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