This beautiful name has been used by many cultures over the years. In Hebrew, the name means "she bear." She is a woman of adventure, courage, and power. Perhaps she is more like a "she wolf," since she is strong, independent, and successful. She is very protective of her friends and family. Cross her at your own peril. Like Byron's mysterious lover "she walks in beauty like the night." She can be dark and mysterious, necessitating a search to discover who she really is. But each layer peeled away brings amazement at the depth of her beauty, of her heart, and of her mind. She opens her heart only for a few, but when she opens it, she is completely committed in love. She will invite you into her mind and heart where you will find soothing warmth, encouraging love, mind-blowing sensuality and a sharp intellect.
Sula walks in beauty like the night.
by RockLove March 31, 2018
She is your average beautiful girl , she is a sweetheart , any man will be lucky to have her , an average sula would have redish or brownish hair . Sula is a heartbreaker but it you won’t be able to get over her.
Sula is the most beautiful girl ever
I think I’m in love with sula
by Elijus the cool guy December 30, 2017
Hebrew name that means "cutie"; can also be used to describe a person
"She's such a sula"
by hbr134 November 10, 2017
Someone who is so obsessed with the movie IT they can’t see the real clown is them.
Sula you really need to join Houseparty more
by TraumaLlamaDramaKid May 14, 2020
sweaty upper lip alert

when someone sees a crush, is nervous or embarrassed.
m: omg its shaun (blushes)
l:omg, total sula !
by molluaren February 10, 2009
A Cuban guy that rapes children. Also a guy that has a large collection of hentai porn on his computer.
"You want to come with me, I have candeee..."
by Tom August 14, 2003
Legal and tech industry acronym for "Subscriber Unit Licensing Agreement"
The whole damn lawsuit boiled down to that damn SULA.
by GeorgeKnowsWords November 27, 2018