New word made possible by our idiot of a president G.W. Bush

Suiciders are actually suicide-bombers or actually a proper word would be homicide-bombers since the intention is to kill others
"This is a different kind of war. In the old days you used to say, well, you destroyed so many tanks or airplanes -- we're making progress. That's not the way this war is conducted. They don't have tanks. They've got caves and they've got suiciders."
by Burzhui May 31, 2005
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Very, very strong rough cider, sometimes as much as 10% alcohol by volume - 8% is not uncommon. Can range in taste from innocuously fruity and bland to eye-wateringly sharp.
"What do you want ?"

"I'll have a pint of Bideford Brainblaster".

"Are you mad ? That stuff's suicider !"
by Eighth Of Seven October 14, 2008
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A brand of home brewed cider produced by one "Kevin Grumbles" and company. Established in the fall of 2009. Arguably the best hard cider produced on the east coast. Or at least the dumbest.
"Grab me Suicider from the fridge, mang!"
by Grumble-cakes October 01, 2011
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(n) one that suicides, is currently in the process of suiciding, or has suicided in the past
"Freedom will prevail, so long as the United States and allies don't give the people of Iraq mixed signals, so long as we don't cower in the face of suiciders, or do what many Iraqis still suspect might happen, and that is cut and run early, like what happened in '91" - George W. Bush (quoted by Bill Sammon in The Washington Times 5/10/04)
by fduck May 10, 2004
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AKA Old Rosy, a cider served by the Cwmanne Tavern in Cwmanne (near lampeter, wales). Know for its unusual potency.
"That Old Rosy is a Sui-Cider"
by Fred1 November 20, 2007
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A person who commits suicide, particularly one who carries explosives or drives an explosive-packed vehicle to kill others along with himself, aka a suicide bomber.

The word suicider is one of many new words to have been coined by George W. Bush, the current US President.
These people don't have tanks. They don't have ships. They hide in caves. They send suiciders out.
by Dirge September 23, 2004
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