Sugma is a pun/play on words

It is related to ligma, and bofa, but all three can be traced back to updog.
A person will say something like "it smells like updog in here"

Then someone else will say "what's updog"
Then the 1st person will say "not much sup' with you?"

But for ligma, and sugma people will say "did you hear about the guy that died of (insert 1 of the 2)?"

Then someone else will say "what is (insert 1 of the 2)?"

Then the 1st person will say "(insert 1 of the 2) nuts!"

Bofa is the same but instead of (sugma or ligma) nuts!"
They say "Bofa dees nuts!"

Most will be followed by a "ha got'em!"
Sugma nuts! ha got'em!
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by Funtimes/ale123 October 19, 2018
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Sugma (Systemic Utilized Ghae Mi-Asintits) is a disease related to ligma, however it is much less deadly and can be cured. It is extremely contagious and is most likely to affect Fortnite streamers. If you know someone who has Sugma, try the SugmaBalls (Systemic Utilized Ghae Mi-Asintits Bi-Asonurdicl Lateral Lactacioustits Sequence) or No U (Not Onmi-watch Utilization) procedures. It has also been found that it is related to EETMA (Extreme Enlarged Titin Mi-as).
Guy 1-Hey I have Sugma
Guy 2-What's Sugma?
Guy 1-Sugma nuts
Guy 2-No u
Guy 1-The fu-
by SugmanutsXD March 27, 2019
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Yo Jess, your looking fine today why don’t you sugma cock!
by grasshuman December 15, 2019
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Term 1. Sug ma dick/nuts

Term 2. Smart-Understanding-Grateful-Mercyful
Example for term 1:

Guy 1: Yo bro

Guy 2: Yooo
Guy 1: Are you down to Sugma?

Guy 2: Yes broo!!

Example for Term 2: Woah bro! Your so Sugma today.
by boneann1234 June 04, 2021
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This is a phrase used mostly by idiots who want to roast people. It originally comes from ninja_hater's infamous ligma that was used to be like *ligma balls*. In the other hand sugma is used for *sugma dick*.
- Yo Jerry i've heard that your mother is sick from that nasty ass desease sugma.
- Sugma? Never heard of it. What is it?
- Sugma DICK!!
by kirl_irl July 26, 2018
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