its a joke like
"Hey you know if sugma came here?"
"Whos sugma"

sugma dick
by December 09, 2020
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Sugma deick

Sugma nutz

Sugma toes

I told her ”sugma” and she dropped to her knees
by Suggmah October 11, 2019
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A disease that you contract only if you survive, ligma
“Ninja contracted Ligma, already he didn’t suffer sugma”
by Bigballmcgee September 07, 2018
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A word that sounds like "suck my" commonly is followed by ballz
Guy 1:have you heard of sugma
Guy 2: what's sugma
Guy 1: sugma ballz
by Joku902 June 06, 2019
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"It's Sugma Nuts, when someone says something that's so utterly out there, that you just want them to Sugma Nuts" -xQcOW
Sugma Nuts
Sugma Balls
Sugma Dick
Sugma Ass
by brian6932 September 01, 2020
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a word people use to trick other people so that they can say suck my nuts
Zack: hay have you heard of sugma?
Tim: whats sugma
by Ezra TubeYT April 17, 2021
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