Affectionate shortening of the term "sugar bear", a term frequently used by loving fathers to describe daughters.
I love my sugie, no one could ever replace her.
by willroy July 2, 2010
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A cuddly Wish Bear from Care Bears that has a very low IQ of 5 but very cute and is fun to cuddle up with instead of a normal teddy bear. She is 1 years old and forever will be 1. She can have her birthday whenever she feels like but she can only stay 1 years old.
Kid in bed:Mommy? Can you get Sugie for me?
Mom handing a teddy bear: Here you go, Sweet Dreams!
by Usagi-chan ^-^ March 1, 2009
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pronounced SOO(as in "soon")-GEE(as in "geese"); used to describe someone or something who is very pretty, and knows it too.
Damn, that girl is sugi!

Did you see that sugi dunk by Dwyane Wade?

I wish all these Christmas lights were so sugi!
by J Money for Three June 28, 2006
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sugy: a term of endearment for a partner artifically sweetened by long exposure and high levels of chocolate intake
by we_sel February 23, 2012
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an indian folk dance derived from young teen BMM's an epidemic which has spread through NY streets....NPHS halls...and who knows where can't stop the craze
1. Let's go SUGI
2. What are those BMMers doing?
- Oh...just sugi-ing
by BMMLover03 November 17, 2003
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Sugi is a person who will Typically make fun of your nose
haha you have a small nose, ok Sugi
by AreallycoolguyPart2 February 24, 2021
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