Total state of suck. Where everything in sight is teh sux0r.
Giant robots crushed the casinos and mooshed the brothels and started fires that burned things and left ruin and SUCKAGE
by PSYmon February 27, 2003
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the POS that is Responsys Interact v6 (aka Vista)
Why didn't the e-mail launch?" "Because of the sheer magnitude of SUCKAGE that is Responsys
by vistaphile2 July 7, 2010
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The amount that something does suck.
When you first encounter Diablo, you truly test your degree of suckage at D1.
by Jessica Pille February 5, 2004
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Adj. Something that goes well beyond the normal extent of misery or sucking.
This job has achieved a new level of "suckage".
by ENG PROF DOO March 9, 2010
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1) The moment when the shit hits the fan
2) an EXTREMELY bad situation

ALSO see: lame, shitty, messed up, gay, fuck
Chick 1- "So, i was invited to this so-called 'huge' party & i was told to invite my friends... Well- i invited over 200 of them-- only to find out that i had to un-invite them ALL cuz the 'huge' party was supposed to be 'manageable'..."
Chick 2- "OMG! EPIC SUCKAGE!!!"
2)Professional bum- "The suckage of being laid off, being ripped off on my 'sweet deal' ride, having to pay for my own non-insured surgery and hearing from the bank that i've been scammed all added up to my epiphany that I'm gunna become welfare-dependent street-corner bum!!!"
by 3R!C@ January 24, 2009
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A form of fellatio but of a much more powerful magnitude. Legend has it that the suction power of a "suckage" is comparable to a space station in Earth's orbit having a sizable air leak, causing everything within to pull toward this cabin discrepancy.
Aye yo! Last night, Jay Ghee gave me that some of that infamous slimey suckage. She sucked the meat right off my dick!...
by TheThotHunter January 1, 2019
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