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"Suck my Nuts" was the awesome last words from Abraham Ford after Negan hit him across the head once with his Baseball Bat (Lucille) with blood pouring down his face, then Negan beat him to death after hitting him a shitload of times. We're all gonna miss his random one liners.
Abraham > Glenn.
"Suck my Nuts"
by The Metal King October 24, 2016
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Someone who sucks another man's nuts. Probably will lead to oral sex and ejaculation
Keith carridian "kung Fu the legend" he wanted for someone to use this term either suck my nuts or dick. Keith wound jump into action on his knees, point of no return feels to good.
by Fagmaster March 3, 2022
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It implies to suck on someone’s testicles but with added difficulty because they are sucking them through a straw that bends.
Person 1: that insta caption was awful
Person 2: fuck off buddy, suck my nuts through a bendy straw
by CianD_05 April 21, 2021
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Is a term to tell people to fuck off because who wants only one nut especially the left one
by Left nut November 19, 2017
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A way to tell someone that they can go fuck themselves.
Some random idiot: Your friends don't like you. Me: Suck my left nut.
by PhoenixGamer34 April 12, 2021
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an insult used to spite someone, derived from the fact that the right but is clearly superior
by a kool persono April 2, 2020
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