A phrase that originated in the north east of England to describe an action or atmosphere that is not being enjoyed.
by Nooneyouknowmateyboy December 08, 2013
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something a 13 year old says after being beat in valorant *i learned this from personal experience*
kid1: i fucked ur mum last night!
kid 2: no u godamn didnt, go suck ur own dick autistic faggot!
by i_Fucked_ur_mum_last_night February 17, 2021
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August 14 is the international day for sucking your cousins dick, just find your cousin, take their pants off and start sucking

Today there are no consequences whatsoever, your family will be proud of you
Hey Tyler, let me suck your dick today on our grandparents bed

Suck your cousins dick day
by Pigfish August 14, 2021
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Getting drunk to the point of offering your friend fillatio for mo reason whatsoever.

It is several steps above " I love you guys".
Hey Corey, I'll "suck your dick"

"Suck your dick drunk"
by Ushiri Manko July 18, 2018
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A question a woman asks a man to find out if he would do anything for her. Because let's be honest, no one really likes sucking dick.
"Would you suck a dick for me?"
"Of course baby, I'd do anything for you"
by MrnextX December 29, 2017
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