To come next in time or succession; follow after another; replace another in an office or a position
She succeeded to the throne
by manying March 08, 2006
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The new, corrected, optimistic, and success inducing version of the idiom "trial and error."
Some of the few individuals who stop to analyze language and think about what humans are really doing, really not doing, and perhaps should be doing, realized that the idiom trial and error induces failure, and they have corrected it to "attempt it and succeed."
by profact December 24, 2017
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A rather crappy sounding term that is the opposite of 'you fail it'.
by T.U.D October 05, 2003
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A phrased used as a form of endearment to each other when one tries their best and is acknowledged by the other with care and transparency.
John - "I try my best to make you happy". Merry - "And you succeed in doing so".

Where others try to make the best out of life by succeeding to make others better off when doing so.

I try, you succeed.
by e1hanG November 21, 2020
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