When there's a lot of sexual tension between two characters but the writer ignores it
A random person: *fangirls over Destiel*
Me: *screams* Subtext
by Fandomtrashcann December 3, 2018
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1. When a sexual relation between two characters is implied in a movie, book, comic, etc. Usually two male characters. Often a figment of a fangirl's imagination.

2. Anagram for buttsex
Star Wars: RotS had quite a bit of Obi-Wan/Anikin subtext, didn't it?
by holyfuckingshnitzle May 31, 2005
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“What’s a subtext? Is it text that’s written in recursive?”
by readerMan October 5, 2018
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Utilizing SMS or TXT messaging to convey information to a close proximity acquaintance that you may not want everyone else around you to know.
Becca desperately needed to tell Elena that the guy she was hitting on was into dressing up like a baby during sex. Though the situation was dire, she saved the day and kept her friend from the freaky-freaky through the clever use of subtexting.
by MrMees August 22, 2008
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literal meaning: text below text. a message that is disguised in overlaying textual context.
"hey, want to go scuba-diving in egypt this summer?"
"you're a whore, this boi here is a lazy ass superstar, you're annoying, u tryina rob me, awkward shit to be contacting your ex that left you coz you fat."

subtext, trial: i am emotionally overchallenged and financially insecure, you might be attractive but i happen to lack confidence
by Krkič June 20, 2019
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When you ask someone a question and fart the second they answer. Also called subtitling or overdubbing.
Nothing quite so fun as subtexting an interviewee.
by Nolink September 5, 2010
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