2 definitions by MrMees

Utilizing SMS or TXT messaging to convey information to a close proximity acquaintance that you may not want everyone else around you to know.
Becca desperately needed to tell Elena that the guy she was hitting on was into dressing up like a baby during sex. Though the situation was dire, she saved the day and kept her friend from the freaky-freaky through the clever use of subtexting.
by MrMees August 22, 2008
A relationship between two people who are friends, but occasionally take to doing the nasty.

A variation on the not-so-pleasant sounding classic, "fuck-buddy" or the new wave "Fornifriend".
Bob kept trying to explain to Ted that he and Mary were NOT in a relationship. There were no dinners bought or gifts exchanged (other than bodily fluids). They were frienicators and it was a simple case of frienication.
by MrMees July 11, 2008