The non officially canonically canon, but still canon, relationship between Dean Winchester the hunter and Castiel (Cas) the angel in the CW's hit TV show "Supernatural."
Did you see the way Dean was looking at Cas? Destiel is so canon!
by OTP101 September 4, 2017
The now officially canon pairing between Dean and Castiel from Supernatural as of November fifth. It was said that the sheer homosexual energy produced was enough to force Putin to resign and Biden to win the election. We did it gays.
Person one: Can you believe that Supernatural made Destiel canon only to kill off Cas 2 minutes later?
Person two: They really sent him to super mega hell. 'Bury your gays' on speed run
by we did it, gays November 8, 2020
A name used to refer to the completely canon romantic relationship between Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel "Cas" on the CW documentary "Supernatural."
Dean: Well, Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid.
Sam: …um, why don’t you, uh, go keep an eye on Adam?
(Cas walks out, Dean winks at him suggestively)

Fangirl1: Oh my god did you see the way Cas was looking at Dean.
Fangirl2: :Sigh: It sends me to my happy place.
Fangirl1: Destiel is so hot.
by deanisanassbutt February 17, 2012
The beautiful love pairing of Dean Winchester and Castiel 'Cass', on CW's show Supernatural.
(Castiel and Dean share one of their 'eye sex' looks, like they gonna kiss any second)

Shipper of Destiel: Fucking knew it.
by Brookyln Leness November 12, 2016
The ship name for Dean Winchester and Castiel in Supernatural. They are madly in love with each other but somehow find a way to deny it. Everyone in the SPN family ships them!!
Crowley: Dean, where is your boyfriend on the trench coat??

Dean: He’s not my boy— I don’t know.
Fan: But, your Destiel you should know where each other are all the time!!!
by Queenmarshmallow April 18, 2019
Destiel is the fanfictional portmanteau that refers to a relationship between the characters Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel off The CW hit television show Supernatural.
Girl 1: OMG! Dean and Castiel are SOOOOOOO canon! They NEED a name!
Girl 2: Oh totally! Just like Brangelina!
Girl 1: Exactly! Any suggestions?
Girl 2: Uhmmm... Castidean?
Girl: Castid-What are you, STONED?!? NO! Dammit girl get your head in the game!!
Girl 2: You're right! Uhm, uh, u-uhhmmm... OH! D-Destiel?!
Girl 1: You-!.... GENIUS! Its perfect!
Girl 2: R-Really?
Girl 1: Yes! From now on the totally legit sexual relationship between Dean and Castiel shall be refered to as "Destiel!". Gosh (Girl 2), I totally would kiss you if you weren't so ugly! =D
Girl 2: Thanks... I guess.
by TheWordMonster June 24, 2011
It all started with Dean-o, a repressed bissexual with trust issues, went to hell and a stupid af angel saved him and now fans think they fuck....

And now, after 12 years, fans were right, the angel is gay and was sent to the empty, but disinformed people claim he was sent to superhell, and now Tumblr is crazy and I'm scared to go there
"Hey little kid have you heard of 'Destiel'" A stranger on Tumblr says

"Mom come pick me, I'm scared" I cry
by Lmao had to November 8, 2020