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Worse than simply stupid. A total idiot.

To call someone a donkey in many cultures means that person is an idiot. But donkeys are not necessarily stupid, and possibly quite intelligent, Them being equated to stupidity may have more to to do with their stubbornness and not stupidity. But calling someone a donkey has taken hold of in many cultures, including Western and Asian, to imply that person being called it is a stupid person or an idiot.

To then call someone a stupid donkey is like a double superlative, to mean that the person is a complete ass, or ridiculously and totally stupid.
by rufustherat February 21, 2011
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Gal u dry-hump after buying her a cheap beer then sneak out of her apartment.
Man, I had to put up with a Stupid Donkey on my last business trip or else I'd be stuck with a white cloud tug.
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
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