Darren was stunned when he saw the wolves playing, and after he heard that vampires are sterile.
by chad'srockergrrrll September 6, 2015
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Completely drunk to the extent that senses are reduced or removed - giving the impression of the individual being phsically stunned and unable to move or communicate.
Andy has consumed a large amount of beer and cider. He was absolutely stunned!
by walsallcox August 30, 2009
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Stun is a word always use in dota.Stun is a name of a skil.
1.Sven Have a Skill Name Stun

2.Zhi Yuan Always Stun Us When Playing Dota

3.Lam Night Stalker Stun Us Every Game
by Junz February 16, 2009
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Used in the workplace when customer service is overwhelmed by the many demands of their customers. Also used when co-workers would ask how the business day was when starting their shift.

The word takes after WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin and his finishing move the "Stone Cold Stunner" where he stuns his opponent with a crotch kick and then does a neck breaker over his shoulder when the opponent bends forward.
So Did You Guys Get Stunned Today? I Had A Feeling Because Monday Was A Holiday And The Kids Were Off Of School. Figured They Would Check Out Our New Video Games On Sale.
by Joe Stunner September 7, 2010
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A suffix used quite liberally by those who would like to spice up there language. It generally adds no meaning to the word it is added to, however adding the suffix to words gives the speaker a feeling of being unique and/or is used to identify with other members of there own circle of friends. It is also somewhat unique to certain regions, generally being west coast regions of the United States.
How are you doing-stun, haven't seen you in a minute-stun.
by ocinteeni October 2, 2008
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People who may be booksmart, but lack the mental capacity of common sense.
"That's not chocolate on her leg. it's a mole, stun!"
by Martin Bryan September 9, 2005
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