When a man inserts his penis inside a woman's/man's anus during sex without warning and leaves her/him stunned by the rod.
"I gave my girlfriend the stun rod last night, she looked like a deer in the headlights."
by stuartcazzo April 18, 2020
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Stunning and brave is when a liberal celebrity says/does something incredibly liberal with the fear of receiving tons of backlash and having their career ruined even though the thing they're saying/doing is almost universally agreed upon as a good thing in the liberal circle e.g. the media, and they have the full support of almost everyone.
Person: Did you see when celebrity XYZ said "Fuck Trump"? They're so stunning and brave.
by Illuminutty October 28, 2020
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The act of striking a short person in the forehead with a frying pan when they aren't expecting it,thus stunning(but not seriously injuring)them.Can only be done on shorties.
"I took my skillet to work yesterday to play stun-a-runt with the sawed-off little short folks!"
by Nun_Yer_Bizzy May 6, 2021
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guy 1: hey say stun seed backwards
guy 2: deez nuts
guy 1: lmao
by glowstone May 12, 2021
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A girl who takes your breath away. More than just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is strong, determined and driven. She is a mom, a daughter, a friend and all that you look for. She is confident in herself, her family, friends and partner. She will show you her soft side and at the same time show you her demanding side. When you see her you want to look into her eyes and tell her she is stunning.
Lisa is a Stunning Girl. She is more than beautiful.
by Chicko Man June 14, 2012
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when making a prank call, the prankee becomes silent for 5sec or more after a particularly epic moment of pranking.

The Tyrone stun effect got to him.
by 4chanvent January 11, 2009
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a. in complete bewilderment or astonishment
b. in a state of inertia
very common in Australia
"Like a stunned mullet" "He just stood there like a stunned mullet"
by mullet man 25 April 3, 2008
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