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A woman who stuffs drugs in her vagina or anus for transport usually via Greyhoud or road trip.
I done took his bitch and turned her to a stuffer. Take these thousand pills and get em to Kentucky.
by detroitplayer17 June 13, 2018
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1. Used in the fat fetish community to designate someone who practices overeating for erotic reasons. Differs from a {feedee} in that they overeat by themselves, rather than having someone suggest that they eat or force them to eat. Can be considered a satisfying activity in and of itself, or the equivalent to masturbation in the fetish community. {Gaining} is usually the result, but there are exceptions.

2. One who overeats for erotic reasons, but not with the purpose of gaining weight.
1. Jamie's a real stuffer: he's training himself to drink an entire gallon of milk at one time just because he thinks it's hot.

I'm a stuffer who's been both a feeder and a feedee: I know what it's like to be on all sides of the fork.

2. I'm a stuffer, not a gainer: I only do it once a week and exercise so I don't get hugely fat.
by LovesStufferBoys January 14, 2008
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a person(usually a teenage+ gurl)who stuffs tissue into thier bra in a pathetic attemt to try to make them look like they remotely have any sort of boobs, which they DONT!!!!
She must have been so embarrased when she was revealed as a stuffer;All the tissue fell out when she did her round-off-back-handspring!!!!!!
by Starlight April 17, 2003
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1)junk food; snacks. (e.g.: pretzels, cheesy poofs, chips, popcorn, etc.) Usage note: never used to describe beverages.

2)any food which can be rapidly or obsessively consumed.

3)Any food product with no nutritional value whatsoever.

see: munchies, styrofoam
1) You bring the smokes, I'll bring the stuffers.

2) "Whoa. You'd better lay off the stuffers! You've already been through 3 pounds of those pistachios."

3) I'm bringing a vegetable platter to the party, not stuffers. Someone's got to be health conscious.
by Izhmo Goetz March 16, 2004
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First you got to hollow out all of the tobacco from a cigar as if you were champing a black and mild. You then stuff the entire cigar with marajuana until it is completly filled to the top, make sure to stuff the bud down to make the cigar tight and sturdy. Then spark that baby up and enjoy. Stuffers are usually for celebrations of any kind.
Yo i just hit big in Atlantic City, we packin a stuffer for the ride home!
by Blake Rem December 13, 2007
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When you're going to have sex and you don't have a full erection. You stuff it in there to get started anyway.
"I was so drunk I had to do a stuffer laster night"
by Drunk Berserker November 10, 2003
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An object used to "stuff" one's palm, which a fist is made around. Common items in this class are rolls of quarters, large bolts, lighters, etc. They should be fairly heavy, provide protection to the hand and do a great deal of damage, akin to brass knuckles, when they strike someone. Also advantageous because in certain jurisdictions, brass knuckles are illegal, whereas there is no crime in carrying an item such as this.
That queer Evan lipped me off, but after I broke his jaw and ruptured his eyeball with my stuffer, he never looked me in the eye again.
by Snusss March 29, 2008
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