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1. Used in the fat fetish community to designate someone who practices overeating for erotic reasons. Differs from a {feedee} in that they overeat by themselves, rather than having someone suggest that they eat or force them to eat. Can be considered a satisfying activity in and of itself, or the equivalent to masturbation in the fetish community. {Gaining} is usually the result, but there are exceptions.

2. One who overeats for erotic reasons, but not with the purpose of gaining weight.
1. Jamie's a real stuffer: he's training himself to drink an entire gallon of milk at one time just because he thinks it's hot.

I'm a stuffer who's been both a feeder and a feedee: I know what it's like to be on all sides of the fork.

2. I'm a stuffer, not a gainer: I only do it once a week and exercise so I don't get hugely fat.
by LovesStufferBoys January 14, 2008

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