2 definitions by Izhmo Goetz

1)junk food; snacks. (e.g.: pretzels, cheesy poofs, chips, popcorn, etc.) Usage note: never used to describe beverages.

2)any food which can be rapidly or obsessively consumed.

3)Any food product with no nutritional value whatsoever.

see: munchies, styrofoam
1) You bring the smokes, I'll bring the stuffers.

2) "Whoa. You'd better lay off the stuffers! You've already been through 3 pounds of those pistachios."

3) I'm bringing a vegetable platter to the party, not stuffers. Someone's got to be health conscious.
by Izhmo Goetz March 17, 2004
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(n.) 1) A coloquialism used to indicate a television which is always on, but not watched.

2) A derrogatory term for television used to indicate one's belief that a television's only benefit is as a lamp that talks.
1)I'm gonna turn off the talking lamp, nobody's in here.

2)Sorry, we don't have a talking lamp, but we do have these wonderful *reading* lamps.
by Izhmo Goetz March 17, 2004
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