Another term for whore, first used by Shakespeare to describe loose women.
by HeeBeeGeeBee May 1, 2005
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A term used to describe a woman who sleeps with more that one man.
That woman you see across the lobby is a rumored to be a strumpet.
by KillerX415 November 19, 2009
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A promiscuous male known more for his political pillow talk than a man of action.
Like all good strumpets he was able to use what was said in the heat of the moment to his political advantage.
by wardswords December 13, 2016
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That damn strumpet screwed everyone in the woodwind section! What a slutty trumpet.
by Stephimee May 21, 2009
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Musical instrument, like a trumpet but smaller. Played by inhaling air through nose.
Dee; 'Hey Jill, you gotta bring a musical instrument to the jamming session tonight'.

Jill; 'Yeah Dee, of course. Ill bring my Strumpet'!
by Galandian April 19, 2009
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Another word for a prostitute. Not to be confused with a musical instrument or snack that is served with tea.
It's tea and crumpets, not tea and strumpets.

-You play the trumpet, not the strumpet!
-But the strumpet is well-skilled on the skin flute.
by Lorelili December 25, 2006
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How Captain Jack Sparrow refers to all women. Even perfectly respectably ones.
"Or is it that you've found a girl and are otherwise incapable of wooing said're not a eunuch are you?"
by Ms. Sparrow February 20, 2004
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