When you are about to watch a epic Formula 1 clip but the camera suddenly cuts to driver number 18, Lance Stroll going over a bump.
"Yo, Gasly and Vettel are about to wheel to wheel up Beau Rivage, I can't wait to watch this epic battle!"
-Camera cuts to Lance Stroll going over a curb for the millionth time
"What?! They were just about battle it out, I don't care about Stroll going over a fucking bump!"
"Dude you just got so Strolled"
by Reoderfelgen May 24, 2021
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An updated term for 'groove' and/or 'swerve'. A combination of energy, confidence and overall 'bounce'.
I can't talk to her yet. Give me thirty minutes to get my stroll on.
by charles upchurch August 24, 2004
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A street or area where prostitutes walk and offer their services. The stroll is frequented by tricks seeking sexual services.
I saw this girl I went to high school with on the stroll yesterday. She looked like she was smoked out.
by Red October 9, 2003
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(v). a fraternity or sorority, most likely an NPHC organization, forms a line and performs choreographed moves, normally to music.

Word to the wise: You never, ever, EVER interrupt this line...they will kill you.
Girl #1: Girl, what they doing at the Student Union??
Girl #2: Girl, the AKAs & the Alphas strolling!!!
by thebaddestbitch2020 August 23, 2017
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Mild term for declining consent. Picked up from Michael Caine (Jack Carter in "Get Carter" - there is no cooler fella)
M: Will you lend me a fiver?
J: Stroll on.
by J Dane May 15, 2006
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to wander in the hood.. to cruise in the car in the neighborhood..
i gave u tape full of dope beats to bump when stroll in your hood..
by Dr.DRE November 19, 2004
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