This is a term that can be used in replacement of the words "hott" or "sexy". Use it on secret lovers that you may have (comment on their facebook pictures; they'll never know). Or use it in your everyday slang.
"That guy is so striped!"

"You are very striped" ;)
by you'll never know now will you January 12, 2010
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A symbol of acceptance in a origanized criminal origanization, A symbol of respect or enhancement of one's reputation on the streets.
by Jolene February 15, 2005
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Another name for the tear drop people get under their eye when the kill someone
Yeaha, I capped that nigga to get my first stripe.
by Clayton Jonesss September 19, 2008
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another name for a line of cocaine
John: "Are you coming the bog for a stripe lad?"
Dave: "Yeah go on then lad."
by TommyTackle February 6, 2010
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stripe meaning to cut someone with a blade, often a Stanly knife or cut throat razor, leaving stripes on their body or face.
Fuck off or I'll stripe you up!
by Fubar 1 February 22, 2012
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Large amounts of money or bands. Cash.
At his new job, my homie Demarcus is making stripes.
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A slang term for the free-throw line in basketball.
Billups drives it to the rim and is fouled. He'll step to the stripe for two.
by Alexander F May 14, 2009
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