To arm one's self with a concealable firearm, typically a pistol.
"Hey John, you'd better strap-up. We've got to deep in the trailer park and might run into a bit of trouble before Johnny Law can come and back us up."
by TomskiPL May 31, 2013
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Keeping a weapon on yourself for self-defence.
"Out here if u ridin a car wid fo's, den u gotta be strapped up oderwise boys will jack"
by Rix_4356289 February 15, 2008
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To 'strap up' is to use a condom when having sex.
'so you been hittin 5 girls huh? did u strap up or hit that shit raw?
by liam D. April 12, 2006
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To put on a condom. Or keep weapons on your person
Sam: "Hey man, I hope you strapped up messing with that forest whore!"

Korey: "Oppsie daisy!"

Sam: "Damn man! Maybe you should lay off the drinking."


Korey: "Oh shit watch out! Here they come!"

Sam: "Be cool man, I stay strapped up."
by Sam O November 16, 2006
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insult to boy or girl implyig that they should sort themselfs out and behave rationaly. or oppositley, put on their strap on dildo
strap up joe
by steve the legend April 15, 2006
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When you've got your roller skates laced up and you're ready to go out on a ride!
Brad: Hey are you ready to go roller skating
Sarah: Yeah man, I'm all strapped up!
by gamergirl031403 October 21, 2018
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Refers to the brand/blog
Hey man! Did you see that new sweater Strapped UP put out? It's dope!

Yo Strapped UP had some sick posts today!
by Henksons February 17, 2013
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