3 definitions by Sam O

To put on a condom. Or keep weapons on your person
Sam: "Hey man, I hope you strapped up messing with that forest whore!"

Korey: "Oppsie daisy!"

Sam: "Damn man! Maybe you should lay off the drinking."


Korey: "Oh shit watch out! Here they come!"

Sam: "Be cool man, I stay strapped up."
by Sam O November 16, 2006
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A woman who recieves some good dickage in a forest or deep in the woods. Alcohol and possibly drugs are sometimes involved.
Sam: "Hey, where did yall disappear to after the beers where gone and it got dark?"

Korey: "Man, we went futher in to the woods and I gave her some serious dickage. Everything was all good untill the po po's came!"

Sam: " Yeah, you got to be careful messing with a Forest Whore this time of year. I hope you strapped up!"
by Sam O November 16, 2006
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To lay the dick down just right and in good measure.
"Man, I gave her good dickage the other night. She realy couldn't take it!"
by Sam O November 16, 2006
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