An accurate description of virtually anyone currently pursuing a Liberal Arts degree at Yale, Harvard, or Stanford without regard to merit due to rampant grade inflation at those educational institutions.
Rich Mom: "My Daugter Susan is a Straight "A" Student at Harvard. We are so proud of her."

Middle Class Mom: "Stop Bragging. Your Alumni husband is paying $50,000 per year so that your daughter can study medieval art and smoke weed every day. She is a Straight "A" Student just like everyone else at Harvard."
by Aaron Lightner May 4, 2011
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A student who gets all A's on there report cards and will be much better of in life than the average person
Straight "A" Student
A: Hey, what grades did you get?
B: All A's, I am a Straight "A" Student
A: Lucky....
B: Actually, it is a lot of hard work, not luck.
A: Whatever
by Jusmounts14 January 4, 2009
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Someone in school who is considered dorky and may be an outcast because they work hard and focus on school. Usually these people spend their friday nights home alone watching movies on a couch because none of their friends invite them to do stuff.
The girl that I pass in the hallways everyday is smart therefore making her a Straight "A" Student. She must not have too much fun on friday nights.
by Sweetness to the extreme December 2, 2006
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Someone who no one understands and is most likely pressured into getting good grades by their parents, people make fun of them and know they can’t go to many parties or social events because they will be studying. They think no one will ever want them and that they are just the lonely nerd. Some people think it’s okay to take their answers because they are friends. Straight a students it in so much hard work that no one sees and are going to be the people that do something meaningful with their lives. Keep working hard, it will all be worth it ❤️.
Straight “A” student: sorry I can’t go to your party tonight midterms are next week!
Any other student: pfft, ok nerd, we literally have another week before we need to start studying!
by Truthteller14 December 26, 2020
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A student, male or female, who have sex with their teacher to pass the class or get good grades
Student 1: why does Stacy stay after every Thursday from 2:30 to 5
Student 2: I’m pretty she’s a straight-d student if you know what I mean!
by Biboy18 July 30, 2018
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