A straight person who does or is one or more of the following: rape jokes, is addicted to puffs, says the n word, sexualizes everything, or is basic
by Avaniisastraggot July 23, 2020
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Typically a heterosexual male or female who attempts to enforce a system of binary sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.
by notAnormal August 3, 2020
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adj,vulgar - used to describe someone who is straight(negative connotation)
see straight
He was such a straggot, he refused to buy Armani because he was worried his buddies might make fun of him.
by Vinnie and Phil December 24, 2005
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“All gays will burn in hell!”

“Okay you fucking straggot.”
by ETHAN_JÆDA August 12, 2020
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Someone who suffers from the mental illness called heterosexuality. They typically grab their shlongs for tik toks.
Person 1: omg did you see Tony Lopes' new tok too!
Person 2: ew, no, he's a straggot.
by Shut.the.fuck.up.bitch August 3, 2020
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An alienated species of human, they’re very predatory and think they get pussy as if it’s handed to them on a plate.
You can catch straggotitis- so STAY BACK!
“Did you hear about straggot leader Tony Lopez? Turns out he’s a nonce too!”
by xoxcandycottenxox August 20, 2020
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