Somebody suffering from a mental illness that leads them to being straight.
Frank: “Did you see that guy Bob Bryar, he’s such a straggot 🤢”
Gerard: “it’s mental illness innit”
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by Jimmy urines toenail ❤️ August 03, 2020
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A straggot is someone who suffers from a very alarming and very scary disease... Heterosexuality. If your child is found near these people please cleans them in the holy water of the gays... iced coffee.
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a straggot is a straight person who usually uses r@pe , homophobic ,racist jokes and call it dark humour so the lgbtqia+ community flipped it and instead of being called a f@ggot they call straights straggots . its also not meant to insult anyone as its a joke so if you are ofended bye you✨straggot✨
he's a straggot lol
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The mental illness straggot is deadly. Being a straggot is completely against the bible yet scientists have not found a cure.
by Frozenbabies August 11, 2020
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someone suffering from the mental illness of heterosexuality, frequently found grabbing at their bedrangles for tiktok. 😜💯
wow! tony lopez is such a straggot!
by swayLA hate page August 09, 2020
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The word straggot defines someone that is a heterosexual, their sense of style (or lack there of), their politically incorrect and racist humor e.t.c (basically a trump supporter)
Chad is such a straggot. He gets on my nerves every time he discusses his terrible views.
by Fag That Hates Straggs August 11, 2020
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